About Us

Unfortunately, in today's society, children and youth are exposed to a growing epidemic of child abuse and molestation.

In addition, the places where children should be the safest such as churches, youth camps, schools, sports and recreational teams, youth-related organizations, etc., are often the very places targeted by child molesters since these organization have programs where large numbers of children gather or participate.

The TrainRight Online Child Abuse Awareness Training, Prevention & Certification Program was created by one of the designers of the Safe Camps Program which served several hundred child and youth-related organizations with a training and testing program certified by the Texas Department of Health for workers and volunteers in youth camps.

When the Safe Camps program was discontinued, TrainRight launched a replacement online program with updated materials, ease of use, and more flexible program options to easily facilitate small to large groups of trainees taking the program. The TrainRight program is extremely cost-effective and designed for both general training purposes for youth-related organizations and to meet the specific Texas training and certification requirements for Texas Youth Camp organization workers and volunteers.